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Cognex Designer Vision Software

Decrease the time it takes to develop, deploy, and maintain 3D and 2D multi-camera applications

Cognex Designer Vision Software Features

Cognex Designer makes it faster to build complete vision applications and allows developers to more easily take full advantage of the powerful VisionPro® tool library. A graphical, flow-chart-based programming environment results in a diagrammatic representation that's easier to understand, explain to others, and maintain.


Key benefits of using Cognex Designer:
  • Integrate seamlessly with Cognex-certified vision controller, cameras, and 3D sensors
  • Solve applications with the comprehensive VisionPro library of 2D and 3D vision tools
  • Create custom plugins for hardware such as robots, motion stages, and machine control
  • Incorporate system features including built-in user access levels, real-time alarms, localizable interfaces, and SQL database logging
  • Deploy a professional graphical user interface with 3D visualization
Step 1

1: Configure Vision

Drag and drop dataflow configuration for vision applications.  Use interactive edit controls to set vision tool properties. Add plug-ins for external hardware devices such as 3D sensors, cameras, and I/O devices.

Step 2

2: Develop HMI

Create a professional runtime operator interface to monitor and control your vision application.

Step 3

3: Connect

Configure I/O and factory floor communications, control motion equipment, and archive results.

Step 4

4: Deploy

Install on a vision controller or industrial PC.

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